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Dear Southwest Native Dancers,

Thank you so much for coming and spending your time to share your culture with our school. I do not remember the last time somebody came and presented something as interesting as you did. 

sincerely, James, Athens Montessori School

Dear Eagle Bear,

Thank you for reminding me to walk in peace. Your visit came in just the right moment. peace and love, Diane, River Valley Charter School

In 2014, our dance and storytelling troupe will be traveling throughout the United States and Mexico to present the dances, songs and legends of the native people of Turtle Island.  Our cultural presentation is based on the values of respect for all life, respect for each other, respect for oneself, respect for our elders, our women, our children. Our method of presentation is  based on the teachings of Maria Montessori where we include a hands on learning environment. 


Over the past 30 years we have presented Native American cultural programs to hundreds of Montessori schools throughout the United States and Mexico. Our dance troupe has also been involved in community events,family gatherings,  birthday parties,  school festivals, summer camps, Retirement Homes, and ceremonial events. 

 Our main dance troupe are descendants of the Warm Springs Apache/Mexica people, though we often travel with other native dancers from other tribes. Our dances are pow-wow dances that are done by many native people throughout Indian country and do not pertain to any individual tribal group. 

Storytelling, legends of various native peoples

Stories from different native cultures and areas of Indian country as told  by our elders and young people.

  • State Test Preparation
  • ACT/SAT Preparation
  • Test Camp

Our storytellers, singers, dancers.

Have been presenting at Montessori schools for over 30 years, with their children being our dancers, singers and young storytellers. 

Montessori school presentation

Hands on arts and crafts display and presentations of various dances with a few social dances open to student participation.

Southwest Dancers, Original People of the Americas


Storytelling, songs, and dances of the First Nations People