Southwest Dancers, Original People of the Americas


Storytelling, songs, and dances of the First Nations People

Montessori school presentation

Hands on arts and crafts display and presentations of various dances with a few social dances open to student participation.

Storytelling, legends of various native peoples

Stories from different native cultures and areas of Indian country as told  by our elders and young people.

  • State Test Preparation
  • ACT/SAT Preparation
  • Test Camp

Our storytellers, singers, dancers.

Have been presenting at Montessori schools for over 30 years, with their children being our dancers, singers and young storytellers. 

Our presentations

We offer songs, dance, and storytelling presentations with a dance troupe of 3-6 persons, depending on the distance that we have to travel from our home base in Colorado.  These presentations include native dances, songs, drumming and storytelling.  We also travel with an artifact and craft display.

We also offer a presentation of song, dance and storytelling with 1 presenter.  This presenter presents song, dance and storytelling and travels with an artifact and craft display that he shares with the children.

Our presentations are presented as follows:

​30 minutes of dance presentations

15 minutes of storytelling

15 minutes of hands-on arts and crafts display and question and answer session.

Suggested donation:

$500  one hour program with 3-6 presenters in full regalia.

$800  two, back to back, one hour programs.

$250  one hour program with one presenter in full regalia.

$150  one hour lecture by one of our elders, with audience participation.

Other services we offer:

We harvest local medicinal herbs in our area that are available upon request.  An example of some of the herbs we offer are:   Burdock, Dock, Goldenrod, Horsetail, Osha, Mint, Comfrey, Sage, Mugwort, Purslane, Willow, Oak.  Please inquire regarding pricing.

All of our crafts that we bring to the school programs are also available on-line.     

​We thank you for your support!